RockySpot Rescue Inc. (Dalmatian)
Newcastle, OK


10+ yrs old.. very sweet, ok with kids and other dogs, needs an outside heated home or crate training as he is not totally housebroken. He loves his daughter Emmie and would like to stay with her.. but he would be ok if she can find a home too. HW positive but not needing the 6 wk treatment. The rescue will pay for his slower less dangerous treatment. He is very low maintenance and only wants to be given head pats and attention

Update**Miles has soft bone that have deterioated so he is slightly handicapped. He is not in pain and can get around amazingly well anywhere he wants to go.. but he does so awkwardly but happily!


A 7 yr old very timid female.. she loves her dad Miles and takes security with him.. however in the right environment she will bond to her person like no body's business. She craves a person of her own to love her and hold her. Emmie is very much a ONE dog person but would not mind living with multiple people.. however she WILL only bond tight to one. She loves attention and is housebroken.

Update** Emmie has been adopted. (Happy landings Emmie)


A total sweetheart! She came in with Wilson, who is probably her son.   She is 10-12 years old and is heartworm positive..  She is currently in rescue and is  getting some much needed attention, along with Wilson.    She is now doing better, but she is incontinent.  mostly due to nerve damage instead of hip problems.. we had them xrayed  Her teeth reflect poor dental hygiene.  She is housebroken and extremely loveable. There is not a Dal more appreciative of being alive than Savannah
Update**Vannie was adopted by her Foster in August.  Sadly she passed on to the Bridge in January.



Wilson is probably Savannah's (Vannie's) son. He misses her horribly and was separated from her, but was doing well.   We first thought he was about a 5-6 years old.  But we now believe he may be older than that.  He is a gorgeous liver male.   Savannah was not doing well without Wilson so they are back together.

Update**Wilson was adopted by his foster (along with Vannie) last August.  They now believe he is around 4 y/o.


A very laid back and smart neutered boy.  Aric knows basic obedience commands.  Someone spent time with this boy before he ended up in a local kill shelter.


I'm a Dalmatian born 1996. I'm what they call a lucky dog. I'm survived the May 3rd 1999 tornado. That day was the most terrifying day of my life.  Storms still scare me under the bed because I'm afraid it may happen all over again. Well one of my great aspects is I love to cuddle. People always love to admire my eyes because they are so unusual as one is blue and the other is brown. I make a very good watchdog as I will make sure my family will be safe in times of trouble. I'm an alpha female so other submissive dogs are great. I prefer no cats or smaller dogs. I love kids but older kids please. I'm desperate need of TLC are you the one that could give


If you have any questions about any of these beautiful Dals

RockySpot Rescue Inc. (Dalmatian)
Newcastle, OK