Meet Timmy

Timmy is a 3 month old Boston Terrier.   He was born into our rescue after his mom and dad were turned into an animal shelter.   His mom, dad and sisters have all found homes, and Timmy has been scheduled to be neutered 7/12.  After that he can go to his new home.  Timmy is the runt of the litter. He was pushed away from nursing by his bigger brothers and sisters and had to be bottle fed.  He makes up for it now, eats very well, and sometimes even guards his food a bit.  We called him Timmy or Tiny Tim because of his rough start in life. Timmy his current on all his puppy shots, a Bordatella or kennel cough vaccine and he will be neutered. Hes a great little guy with an adorable personality.  He loves to play and wrestle with his brothers. 

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