Every once in a while you find a rescue that absolutely steals your heart.  Such was 'Little One' our little Bichon.  With those big eyes and petite little body, you just wanted to pick him up and love on him.  But he was not my dog, he was Jean's.  Everywhere Jean was, you would find him.  At her feet by the kitchen sink.  Sitting next to her in the recliner.  Sleeping at the foot of the bed.  He was her dog.  He only gave me attention, when I had food.  He loved belly rubs, ear scratching and cuddling with Mom. 

We agreed to let our neighbor adopt him.  Since his teeth were so bad, it was decided to do teeth cleaning at the time he was neutered.  Everything appeared fine.  He was having some problems coming out from anesthesia.  But he would go for short walks and then back inside.  Wag his tail at Mom and just be cute.  Later he became restless and would wake in fits.  I stayed up with him through most of the night.  Jean got up and was holding him when he passed on.  It's as if he was waiting to say goodbye to his special friend.  His little body could do no more. 

I am not the sentimental one in the family.  But, just after  'Little One" died, we had a thunderstorm roll through town with a massive lightening and thunder display.  It's as if all nature was saying goodbye to one of it's own and announcing the arrival of one very special friend as he walked over the bridge.  Thank you 'Little One'.  You will always be remembered and loved.

Many Thanks and God Bless
 Jean and Larry Whetstone
Your Mom and Dad for too short a time