Meet Riley

Riley came into our local animal shelter as a stray.  He was so matted, dirty and in need of grooming.   He had possibly never been groomed. Under all the mats was this super sweet little Poodle mix who just wants to be loved.  Riley appears to be 12 months old, weighs about 8 lbs, but he should weigh around 10 lbs.  He is very timid, but he loves to be held or snuggled.  He enjoys being with his doggy friend.

After being shaved down Riley appeared a bit underweight. In a month or two with some good nutrition, and grooming you will see a beautiful little dog that will be a great little companion.   He should be non-shedding.  He will require periodic grooming and brushing.

Riley is current on his vaccinations, including Bordatella for kennel cough, rabies, and Parvo/distemper. He tested negative for heartworms and 3 tick borne diseases and he was neutered.  Riley does quite well in his crate.  He will need a bit of work walking on a lead and house training.  Please consider giving Riley a home for the holidays!

for more information about Riley, email

Riley’s adoption fee is $140.00.