Meet Presley

Presley, and his friend Prissy, were found abandoned at a local apartment complex in a pet taxi with a container with food, their leashes and some snacks. 

Presley appears to be a 2-3 y/o Tricolor (M) Papillion and Long Haired Chihuahua who is so super cute (especially with his curled up tail).  He is very friendly and wants you to pick him up just cuddle him in your arms.  And he loves to give you doggy kisses (if you will let him).  He is very leash and crate trained and may even be house trained.  Presley enjoys being with his new Canine friends.

Presley is current on all his vaccinations, spayed, and he tested negative for heartworms and 3 tick borne diseases.  He will be getting microchipped.

For more information about Presley, email

Presley’s adoption fee is $175.00.

We would like to see Presley and Prissy and Presley stay together for an adoption fee of $300.00.