Meet Pepper
Pepper has been in a home with a senior lady for the past 3 years. He was very well taken care of and spoiled. She lived in an apartment and would just let him out the door to go do his business. He never ran off and was very quick to get finished and come back to the door. He comes with lots of accessories, toys, bed, blankets and all. He was adopted from an animal shelter and estimated to be about 4 years old at the time, making him around 7 years now. He is a bit on the chunky side and needs to lose a few pounds. Pepper is a bit of a different dog. He has done well in his foster home, but on coming into the foster home he was given his time and space to adjust. He needs a period of about 2-3 days to really adjust to his new surroundings. At that time he needs probably a kennel or crate that he can make his own and feel secure and not threatened while becoming part of a new household. He has gone to 2 or 3 homes now that would have been excellent homes for him, but because there was a great deal of activity at first, like taking him for walks and not giving him his time and space to adjust, he became defensive. So he will need someone who can understand doggy body language and who will give him his time of adjustment without immediately trying to make him part of the pack. Pepper is neutered, shots are current. He comes with his heartworm medicine. His new family needs to be fairly local to his foster family in the event that he needs to return. Hopefully there is a family who can understand and appreciate Pepper and love him. He can be a happy bouncy lovable dog once he is comfortable with you.

Adoption Fee is $65 For more information about Pepper, email