Meet Lacy
(from ragamuffin to princess)

Lacy is one very pretty girl. She came from an area shelter and is a very remarkable girl. Our best guess is that she may be a 9-12 month old Wheaten Terrier that weighs 26-27lbs. She was a little unsure about things at first, but has come out of her shell.

Here are some pics of her metamorphous into one lovely girl and an update from her new mom.

"Lacy & O'Malley have had so much fun today: Racing around the yard, leaping on the sofa, scuffling on my bed, and several walks. Right now they are sleeping on the floor here like the dead. Lacy was reluctant entering the hotel (She drove from Dallas and spent the night with Lacy) the first time (AUTOmatic doors), but by the time it got really cold last night she would try to cut the walk short (without performing) and head for the doors where the warm air was.


She seems to like O'Malley's expensive hypoallergenic food just fine, but when she goes to the vet next week we will have her weighed and get a recommendation.
She really likes our back yard, runs like the wind, and they both zoom around in circles. A most successful meeting. When we walked tonight, O'Malley's two Sheltie friends were passing the house on their walk. Introductions all around except for the really old one who is a little crotchety.
Thanks again for the opportunity to adopt her.



All spruced up to meet my new family

Do you think they will like me?

Is this my best side?
Lacy in her new home with her new hairdo


This nice guy gave me a hair cut and I feel so beautiful.
I'm going to like my new friends.
WOW - I have a happy home and I just love MOM and my new friend O'Malley