Meet Henry

Henry was in a local shelter.  He had been there for about 3 weeks and hadn’t been adopted.  He is very cute, has a good personality, and gets along well with other dogs.  He has been good in his crate, and fits right in with our little group of rescue dogs.

We think that Henry may be part French Bulldog, maybe mixed with Dachshund.  His body shape and color is like a French Bulldog, but his muzzle is longer.  He has the short legs which could be French Bulldog or Dachshund.  He’s a very nice little dog, and should make a great family pet.

Henry is neutered, all his shots are current, he’s been tested for heartworms, and is microchipped.

Please consider making Henry a part of your family.

Henry’s adoption fee is $110.

For more information about Henry, email