Meet DW Flick

D.W. was a stray, running around at the movie theater for about 3 days. The people there were giving him treats and trying to catch him, but he was scared. On a Monday night, after he had been there all weekend, he finally came inside and the employees were able to catch him and put him in a box until the movie was over. It so happened that there were rescue people attending the movie that night, watching Deep Water Horizon. So he got named “D.W. Flick” named after the name of the movie and where he was found. 

Fliers were posted at the vet offices, radio stations were called, and he was posted as found on FB. No one came forward to claim him.

D.W. is maybe a year old, and possibly a Min Pin, Chihuahua mix. He seems to be housebroken, and gets along with other dogs. He’s a bit shy, but warms up to you.

He was recently neutered, and has now received all his shots, and he tested for heartworms and tick borne diseases.

He should make someone a great pet.

For more information about DW, email

D.W.’s adoption fee is $100.00