Meet Bailey

Hold your applause please it痴 just me Bailey. I知 the dog you have been holding out for. I am an American Eskimo and look like a little a snow ball on stilts. I知 approximately 2 years old weighing around 18 lbs, give or take a few. Hey don稚 hold it against me I like my groceries.

Strange thing is I ended up in this weird place called the shelter. I got along with all my bunk mates then this pretty lady came to pet me. I had to show off for her cause that痴 the kind of dude I am. It worked because she sprung me from that joint. She just couldn稚 resist my charm.

Now I知 in my new foster home. Got a good cleaning up which I have to secretly admit I liked it. I love car rides particularly people watching. Hey I知 a stud when it comes to the leash thing. I like and get along with other dogs, but in my foster home discovered I知 not that fond of big dogs just the little ones like me.

I really like it when you scratch my back. I知 not really in the puppy chewing stage. I知 a pretty happy dog, can be high spirited at times. I am very smart and a fast learner. I知 patient and loving and even though I like being in your lap or next to you I still like my independence. Due to my keen sense of hearing it is said that my breed makes for a good watch dog. When I bark or growl my foster mommy laughs at me and says it reminds her of someone gargling mouth wash.

I will go into my crate, but I don稚 like it. I am a family dog and I believe with every ounce of my soul that with my family is where I should be and not in my crate. I知 not potty trained, but I知 working hard on it. I知 an active dog so I would do best in an active home.

I had a dream of meeting someone like you and I made a wish on a falling star. Hey I know I just met you and this is crazy, but will you call me your baby just maybe? I promise to be the best obedient boy.

Snuggles, Bailey.

Bailey is up to date with vaccinations & neutered. His adoption fee is $125.

For more information on Bailey, please contact Teresa at